Automate your field force Routine with Productive Accountability.

Empower your team in the field by Powerful Skygge FMCG app to contribute to exponential growth of the organization.

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Automate your field force Routine with Productive Accountability.

Our Focus.

Our Focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Customer’s Challenges
Skygge is a thoughtful solution keeping customer at the centre of it. We do everything required to solve customer’s pain area.
Out of the Box Thinking
Skygge team boasts itself to come up with simplest solution for the most complex problem by wearing the out of box thinking hat
Measure Our success with that of the Customer
We at Skygge strongly believe that we have not achieved our targets unless customer has done his
Hear what our customer Says
Skygge has frequent release cycles to hear what customer has to say and implement them as a creative feature in the app

Why Skygge FMCG is
Best for your Business

FMCG industry is the most wide spread industry of the world, is the talk of the town. FMCG companies with the change in technology era have look upon information technology as a mandatory business booster and applied it to make things easier for them as well as customers.

The major challenges that FMCGs face are expanding product portfolio, managing Stock keeping units, accounting for field employees, managing supply chains and distribution channels, human resource department management including daily wages and payroll, meet distinct requirement of customers, employees reporting, ensuring compliance with changing market trends, get real time access to competitors activities, manage multi-channel marketing, and many more.

With these challenges in mind, Skygge FMCG is playing a game changing role that can stimulate revenue growth by sparking innovation.

Automated DSRs
Auto calculation of TA/DAs, leaves
Realtime data with Business Intelligence
Beat Plan
Demand/Supply Insight
Track KPI for the team
Increased ROI
Up to 40% increase in profitability
Up to 50% increase in TAT
No more data leakage
Customer Profiling/Management
Lead/Sales Management
Claims Management
Distributor/Dealer Management
Appointment Management
Performance Management
Call Tracking
Geo tagged customers
Auto calculation of time spent in the field/with customers with details of in/out time

Auto time calculation of time spent with the customer

Customer Behaviour Prediction

Product Demand/Supply Predictive Analysis

Route optimization

Advance Features

Skygge FMCG has the perfect solution for the FMCG sector meeting requirement of FMCG industry setup in the country. The sales team and the distribution channels which are heavily impacted with the rise of automation have been catered to by Predictive analytics by using data to understand the customers’ requirements.

We have proven results FMCG in the field of
  • Sales
  • Delivery
  • Distributor Management
  • Manager Functionality to list a few


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Our Plans

Our Plans

We want to understand your requirements completely and provide an appropriate Solution. You can choose from our basic off the shelf features to comprehensive data analytics.


  • This plan has been designed for team sizes between 20 and 50 field force personnel.


  • This plan is best suited for field force personnel team sizes between 51 and 200 in numbers.


  • This plan shall meet the requirements of field force personnel teams that are more than 200 in numbers.



FMCG industry faq

1. Will my app stop working if there is no internet/mobile data connectivity?

No. The Data gets captured even when there is no internet. The phone needs to be kept on and the app needs to be running. Internet will only be required to Synchronize data to your server. This can also be done once a day over Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

2. Does this work on Broadband, Wi-Fi & 3G Internet connections?

Yes. Data syncs on all the above said, Broadband, Wi-Fi & 3G internet connections.

3. Do I need to keep syncing data manually?

No. app auto syncs data periodically.

4. How Secure is my data?

Skygge ensures data security as per RBI guidelines for BFSI/NBFC verticals. Data security is ensured both for device as well as central database as well as during transmission.

5. What happens to my data if the device is stolen/lost?

If the device is stolen/lost we will lock the device immediately ensuring that no data is stolen. Also upon trying to login to the app all the offline data in the device will be erased making sure there is no data theft.

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